Friendly Livestock Guardian Dogs

Lizzie and Bree are a vital part of Avondale Hills Farm. They protect over 200 livestock including; Chickens, Goats, and even cows from foxes, raccoons, and hawks. They are gentle and kind to calm humans. Avondale Hills Farm welcomes 100s of guests each year. Never has there been any treats or attacks to humans. Rather, they are kind and loving. Yes, their job is to first bark. Their communication can be load and annoying, but that’s they way the warn of potential dangers. Nighttime the farm and surrounding neighborhood becomes a predator war zone. That’s when the dogs go into hyper vigilant mode to make sure that every animal is protected.

In this video you will see Dash, a visiting Jack Russell as he corrals the goats and plays chase with Bree. At the end Bree so nice even gives up her beloved beef bone to Dash. Being kind to even guest dogs!

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